The prescription of isometric, eccentric and isotonic exercises that target neuromuscular deficits have resulted in consistent, rapid and safe gains in strength and reduced rates of injury for users over the last 8 years. 

KT360 enables you to prescribe training to target and improve a number of parameters with different training protocols:

Control - Maximise muscle recruitment and improve control through appropriate athlete positioning, cuing and real time bio-feedback. 

Strength/Hypertrophy - Develop muscle strength and volume. 

Endurance - Improve muscular endurance and control under fatigue. 

Pain Modulation - Reduce pain associated with tendonopathy through controlled isometric muscle contractions at specific percentages of an athletes maximum force. 

Time Under Tension - Target tendon and intra-muscular tendon compliance / stiffness through specific prescription of isometric exercises  at selected percentages of maximum force, providing periods of time under tension associated with best outcomes.                                               

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