Product Update: KT Monitoring Report

In-season monitoring of key muscle groups is important to many KT users. KT360 allows for rapid testing of your athletes as they recover from game-day to identify short term changes in strength, control or pain which can indicate subclinical pathologies, or peripheral or central fatigue.

Now, it is even easier to access key information on test day with the introduction of the KT Monitoring report. This report automatically updates throughout the testing session providing live results from athletes tested that day. It also allows performance and medical staff to quickly and easily identify issues for further assessment and intervention.

How does it work?

  1. You can find the monitoring report live in the reports page right now

KangaTech Live Reporting

  1. This report is suitable for display on a screen in your testing area and will display all test results from the current day’s testing.

Screen in your testing area will display results
To understand more about this feature or to have an online demonstration contact

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