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Adelaide Crows

In 2019, the Adelaide Crows have widely adopted KT360 for the testing and training of their players performing in the Australian Football League.

Paul Seedsman, athlete for the Adelaide Crows describes his experience with using the technology as 'My strength numbers have increased significantly and has coincided with more consistent...



Welcome Red Bull Athlete Performance Centre (APC)

The Team at KangaTech is excited to announce the Red Bull Athlete Performance Centre (APC) in Austria is the latest team to begin working with KT360. Red Bull have been an early adopter of KangaTech, having collaborated with the Los...


Product Update: User Interface

We’ve recently refined a number of user interfaces in the KangaTech software to make it easier to locate important information and simplify the navigation These changes have now been rolled out to all customers and will be visible next time...


Product Update: Hamstring Claw in Prone Variation

The Hamstring Claw variations provide an ability to load the hamstring simultaneously over the hip and knee in a 'claw like action' similar to that experienced during the late swing and early stance phases of gait. Supine claw has been...


Product Update: Isometric Knee Flexion Variation

MVIC of the knee flexors can now be tested and trained via KT360 with the hip in 45 degrees flexion and the knee at 30 degrees. Strength and control at this point in range is critical to performance and injury...


Product Update: New protocol images

KT360 users now have access to an updated set of descriptions and photos to guide them through protocol set up and testing. The protocols can be accessed through the blue Protocol button at the top of any testing or training screen. Each protocol...


Product Update: Improved Test Selection

We’ve recently streamlined the test selection process to allow users to more easily find and select a specific test especially on touch-based devices.The new interface groups variations of tests into an expandable list and each item is larger making it...