After completing his PhD on Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Control during Human Locomotion and many years consulting in elite sport and private practice, Dr Steve Saunders joined North Melbourne Football Club in 2010. He was charged with the responsibility of developing a world leading sports science / medical program. The focused, science-based push to drastically reduce injuries while substantially increasing training loads and on field performance was successful on all fronts. 

Steve was frustrated initially by a lack of products on the market that were founded on science and proven within a large team environment. In 2015, in partnership with technology company Biarri and NMFC, KangaTech was formed.

Steve Saunders

Steve Oosterhof

Carl Dilena

Company Timeline

2011 - 2014

R&D Initiative with the North Melbourne Football Club (NMFC) investigating injury risk and injury prevention programs that utilise dynamometry and data analytics.  

This Initiative is developed after the completion of Dr Steve Saunders’ PhD investigating the neuromuscular control of the spine and pelvis during locomotor tasks. 


Partnership with Biarri - specialists in optimisation and commercial mathematics as well as data analytics, visualisation and reporting 

NMFC validates KangaTech and records lowest soft tissue injury occurrence between 2011-2015


Technology is spun out by NMFC and KangaTech is established.


First NBA, EPL, Cricket and Extreme Sport Clients


Expansion into NHL, MLB, MLS & NCAA Teams. 

First clinical research trials through independent Australian Universities. 


Second generation platform KT360 Launched

Expansion into European and South American Football

UK office established with local staff


“The Sacramento Kings have commenced working with KangaTech and their KT360 platform for the 2019-20 season following a detailed search for the best available fixed frame dynamometry, testing and training platform. 

After assessing the hardware, software and professional support provided – our clear preference was to engage with KangaTech’’.                                    


Teena Murray
Vice President
Health and Performance

Sacramento Kings, LP